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Where to Buy Oyster Mushrooms

Buy fresh, dry, fresh oyster mushrooms.  They are one of the easiest to grow, rich in nutrition and flavor.

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Medical uses of oyster mushroom

-Immune system support

Unlike some foods that stimulate or suppress the immune system, mushrooms maintain balance.

-Reduce hypertension

The body needs nutrients such as vitamin D to regulate blood pressure levels.

-Control cholesterol levels

Mushrooms such as oysters have a savory flavor and are cholesterol-free. So they can be a substitute for meat in many stir-fries.

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-Make strong bones

Many nutrients are good for building strong bones.

Especially vitamin D and magnesium.

-Anti-inflammatory properties

The beta-glucans and antioxidants in oyster mushrooms are good foods for lowering inflammation.

-Anti-cancer properties

The beta-glucans in mushrooms like oysters act as powerful antioxidants that can protect your body from cancer.

-Heart protection against cardiovascular disease.

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Many types of mushrooms appear overnight and grow or expand quickly. This phenomenon is the source of some common expressions in English, including “mushrooms” or “mushrooms” (expanding in size or range quickly) and “mushroom-like pops out” (appears quickly).

China is the best producer of edible mushrooms. The country produces about half of all cultivated mushrooms, and 1.4 billion people consume about 2.7 kg (6.0 lb) of mushrooms per person per year.

Olive Nation’s oyster mushroom slices have a mild flavor and soft texture that goes well with pork, seafood and chicken. Oyster mushroom slices are also delicious in soups, stir-fries and noodle dishes. The ways to use them are endless. Our oyster mushrooms are so it’s a convenient pantry. Reconstruct before use. Also, oyster mushroom pieces weigh less than fresh ones. In general, 1 ounce of mushrooms is equivalent to about 8 ounces of fresh.

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Why are mushrooms so expensive and relatively speaking, what are the advantages of dried mushrooms?

Fresh mushrooms contain a lot of moisture and lose up to 90% of their weight when so. This explains the high price of mushrooms compared to fresh ones. However, when in water, themushrooms expand to an almost normal size and the taste and consistency are almost unchange. One of the biggest advantages of dried mushrooms is their shelf life. If stored correctly, sufficiently mushrooms can be for many years without noticeable deterioration. However, mushrooms are not containers.

Where to Buy Oyster Mushroom Powder

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The delicate cap allows for both fast dehydration and rehydration times. They are one of the few mushrooms that don’t require re-watering before cooking. Add to the dish towards the end of the cooking process, as it requires little cooking time to accentuate its delicate flavor and texture.



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